Registration Steps

I keep getting a password error and cannot advance.
Passwords must satisfy some rules (for example, 'must include both letters and numbers', and so on). If your password does not satisfy the rules, you will see an error message in the top part of the page. Check the error message to find out the problem with your password, and input a new password that satisfies the rules.

Email Address

The mail saying that I have completed the registration is not sent.
The email confirming your account information was sent to you when you finished registering your account. Depending on the settings of your mail service or mail software, this email may have been automatically put into a folder such as 'Spam' or 'Trash' etc. Please check these folders and your mail settings.
I have forgotten my registered email address.
You can check your registered email address by logging in to MyPage and clicking 'Edit profile' (top right of the page). Check the box labelled 'Email'.
I want to change my registered email address.
To change your registered email address:

  1. log in to MyPage
  2. click 'Edit profile' (top right of the page)
  3. type your new email address into the 'Email' and 'Email confirmation' boxes and click 'Update' (bottom of the page)

Please note that mobile carrier email addresses should NOT be used as your registered email address. Use an email address you can check on a computer (a corporate or school email address, a webmail address, etc).